Ameland is the perfect place to spend your holiday. The island has a rich culture and history which makes it unique in every aspect. This makes it almost impossible for you to get bored, your vacation is just too short to experience everything on Ameland. The weather on the island is better and less rainy than on the mainland, because it is conveniently located in the Wadden Sea. This is also the reason why there are more hours of sunshine on Ameland than on the mainland. Outside activities can therefore be practised extensively, both individually and in a team. Ameland offers a wide range of activities for both active people and the ones who want to have a quiet holiday. Whether you visit Ameland to sunbathe and relax, for sports and activity, museums, art, culture and education, boat trips, spas and health retreats, you’ve come to the right place on Ameland!

Location and directions

Address: Apartment Oerd, Kiekendiefsplek 226, 9162 SK Ballum. The apartment is situated in a private resort, next to the campsite “Roosdunen”. 

From the harbour, you drive to the village Ballum. Turn left on the first roundabout in the village Ballum (Strandweg) and drive to the caravan. Immediately turn right (Kemphaanduin) and turn right again at the end (Strandloperspoor). Then take the third street on the left (Kiekendiefsplek) and then you will see the apartment on your right side. The holiday park and campsite include various facilities, for example a supermarket, a snack stall, trampolines for the kids, tennis courts, playgrounds and a mini golf court. All facilities are within walking distance. You are also allowed to use the outdoor pool for free (open from May to September, depending on the weather). There are a horse riding school and a small airport nearby. The distance to the beach is about 800m.